What colors of mulch do you offer?
Brown triple shred hardwood bark, brown triple shred pine bark, brown designer, red designer, black dyed triple shred, pine bark nuggets, cedar mulch, play mulch, and rubber playground mulch. We deliver and install
Do you offer pine straw?
Yes! We offer long needle pine straw and wheat straw, and we install
Do you trim shrubs?
Absolutely. We trim shrubs several times throughout the year for our monthly maintenance customers, and we also offer shrub trimming as a one-off service for non-monthly customers. We also trim crape myrtles properly!
How do I know if my trees or shrubs have a fungus?
There are many different variations of fungi. These will usually appear on the plant foliage. Black spots on leaves (lesions), holes in leaves (this is common to laurels and cherry trees when stricken with shot hole disease), and discoloration known as blight.
Do you just mow lawns for turf care?
Nope! Our turf technicians take their time with your property. Even at our entry level monthly maintenance package, they will mow, string trim, stick edge, and blow clippings. More premier packages also include fertilizer, spring and fall pre-emergent fungicide, herbicide, mulch refresh, shrub pruning, and more.

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